Would You Like to Do Something for the First Time?

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Take 3 deep breaths; close your eyes and think of your answer. What – you can’t remember – what a boring life! You need to do something new and I have a suggestion.


How about giving other people the power to be instantly somewhere? Do you believe that exploration is freedom and life is interaction? You can do that – yes you can – how about true teleporting?


There is a website where you can get that power or better yet, give that power to someone else. Ubiatarplay is where to go to find out more about this adventure.


UbiatarPlay will be the marketplace of the Ubiatar service. Ubiatar delivers the power of ubiquity with modern mobile technologies, over a high-performance platform. The starting point is a normal smartphone held by a local individual; all that this person sees and hears is sent over the network to the person at home. The home person is the Usar with the person somewhere else being the Avatar. Have I got your attention yet?


It really begins at the peer-to-peer marketplace when the people there all are talking to other people to see if there is an Avatar for them or someone they could be an Avatar for.

My first time

Let me tell you about my first time? In the marketplace, I met a lady from France; I have always wanted to go to France and really doubt that I will ever go to France this late in my life. I asked the lady to be my Avatar, and go to the Eiffel Tower at 8:30 at night, and take me to the top. So, we made that plan – she was a lady with very good English so my trip to the top was beyond what I thought it would be! She told me about the people, the colors, the weather, even the smells in the air – everything – my first time was simply amazing.

If any of this has captured your imagination, wait for the marketplace to open– maybe I will meet you there and we can talk.

What do you think?

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