What Is A USB C Hub? And What Are Some of The Best Ones Out There?


There is an undeniable fact about using advanced computers and that is to come up with light-weight and thinner designs. This has in turn led to compromising the types and number of ports on all gadgets including desktops to MacBooks. For plugging in anything using a connection apart from a USB C type cable, the best option you can go for is usb c hub, which offers several kinds of ports in a compact system. Let’s take a look at some of the best hubs in 2022:

  • Satechi 4 port USB-C Hub 

This is the only job that can convert a single USB C port to four. But, it has a higher transfer speed and doesn’t support charging or video. It functions best when used with accessories like mice, backup drives, and keyboards.

  • Anker 10 port 60W USB 3.0 Hub 

If you want to plug many accessories into the basic USB-A port, this hub can be a good choice. It has 7 USB 3.1 Gen 1 data ports and 3 high-speed charging ports located upward so that plugs and cables occupy less space on the desk.

  • Anker Power Expand + 7 in 1 USB C hub 

This hub has many similar ports just like our other top-rated picks, though they are a little slow. It doesn’t have Ethernet and isn’t as good with a 4K monitor. But, it has a lower price which makes it a good option if you aren’t looking for a wired web connection or high-resolution, smooth video.

  • EZ Quest USB C multimedia hub 

When talking about USB C hubs, this hub is the best one you’ll get your hands on. It is available at an affordable price and has all the required ports for managing extra peripherals of PC and storage devices. The best advantage of using this hub is that it is compatible with most devices and has a good pass-through for power.

That’s all you should know about what is USB C Hub in brief. Some of the best USB C hubs in 2022 are talked about above in this article. So, if you’re looking for usb c hubs you can go for anyone out of those mentioned above. All of them are very efficient and function well. They are also available at competitive prices in the market both online and offline.

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