Top 5 Reasons to Choose QuickBooks as your Booking Service

QuickBooks is software developed and launch by Intuit in the year 1998. It was loosely modeled on its preceding program Quickens which was designed for personal and business financing. This was to make the small business owners who had limited experience of accounting capable of managing their own business sheets. With some initial glitches like lack of security, robustness and required audit packages, the software was improved and updated in 2000. It introduced different features like audit trails, double entries and more. DailyHosting.net has rated QuickBooks as one of the best software for booking services and to manage small business accounting.

Different Business Accounting Supported by QuickBooks

QuickBooks ask you for your type of business to make your experience customized. As you register to QuickBooks, you are asked to choose your kind of business from the following:

  • New Business
  • Professional services
  • Field services
  • Independent contractor
  • Product sellers

Top 5 Reasons to Choose QuickBooks as your Booking service

  • QuickBooks help you to grow and stay updated with your business as it grows. When you hire employees, the feature of integrated payroll will help in clearing the payment of your employees and keep it in relevance to the local, state and federal taxes that can be applicable.
  • You can now accept different kinds of payments quickly with QuickBooks. Credit card payments can be accepted from various cards like the Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover ones. Check, and online fund transfers can also be accepted without confusion. Just one click on the ‘Pay Now’ option on your invoice will take your customers directly to payment gateways.
  • Different app data can be synced with QuickBooks to make them available on one vast platform. Apps like Expensify, PayPal, Receipt Bank, Time Tracker, Google calendar and more can be synced with QuickBooks.
  • The trial period of QuickBooks id for 30 days and it is completely free of cost.
  • Packs for Independent contractors cost $10.00 a month, for new businesses it is $15.00 a month.

At these prices and with these features, it is quite safe to say that QuickBooks should be the booking service you choose. It is one of the top-rated software for business accounting, and it has our thumbs up!

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