Tips On Running A Competition On Facebook

competition on facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site which has got the world liking and commenting away uninterruptedly. Various studies have shown that 1.23 billion people use Facebook extensively regularly. With so many customers on board, Facebook becomes the perfect platform for you if you have a small business running and looking for expanding your customer base. Facebook Competition will help you increase your fan following. A well planned and organized Facebook Competition will boost your brand exposure, develop a strong social media base, save time and costs and bring in new leads.

How To Run An Effective Competition On Facebook

Set Goals

Decide what you are conducting the contest for- expand your social base or promote a product or service?

Pick Contest Type

Remember, your contest is likely to attract many entrants, and you have to go through a multitude of entries, or you could use a simple sweepstake to help you pick out a winner at random like Votigo or Woobox.

Select A Pertinent Prize

Make sure you are clear about your target audience and what you choose o give away appeals to them.

Make It User-Friendly

People these days are busy, and all they are looking for is some time to relax. Hence, do not add to their irritation and boredom by presenting them with a never-ending entry form to fill up. They will most likely lose interest, thus; keep the procedure short and sweet.

Pack It With Facebook Ads

To boost the visibility of your contest, run some Facebook ads. You will find more information about this on Facebook’s guide.

Mobile Optimization

The world is always on the go these days. It is no secret that a chunk of Facebook users accesses the site via their cell phones and mobiles. Hence, avoid missing out on this group of people by optimizing your contest for personal portable devices. Even if you are using a third-party app. Ensure that it runs on mobiles. Always check before launching it live.

Promote It

Promoting your Facebook Competition only on Facebook is barely enough. Reach out to potential customers via other social channels like issuing newsletters and email. Even word of mouth goes a long way as far as things as such are concerned.

Review Competition Performance

Try to enhance the contest or competition based on user reviews. Observe how things work out and figure out how to fix the parts that failed to make the mark.

Set A Clear And Comprehensive Set Of Rules

You out of everybody should be clear about what you want to offer and what you want the users to receive. Hence, the pen down a coherent and concise set of rules and T&Cs. Lay down the rules for entry, who can apply, when the competition ends, any age restrictions and the likes.

These tips will help you achieve your dreams. Head on and good luck!

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