The Case Of The Missing Website

Phone books were the Google for previous generations, white pages for residential phone listings and yellow pages for business listings.  If there were two companies in the same town providing the same service and one had a yellow page ad and the other did not, the company with a yellow page ad would almost always get more customers. Phone books have almost entirely been replaced with internet search engines.

While a website might be found on page 100 of the Google search results, not many people will dig that deep when searching for something.  Most searchers will click on websites listed on the first one, two, or maybe three pages and after that, they adjust their search terms.  It is an undisputed fact that websites appearing on Google’s first page get more traffic, a lot more traffic, than sites appearing deeper in the results.

Of course, searching for a company by name or the company web address should always show a website on page 1. That’s easy. But you want your website to be found by people who are looking for your offerings, even if they do not know your name or website.

If a company does not promote their site, it is likely that they will be found in nowhere near page 1 in Google. There is only one Page 1 in the search engine results pages.  How can your website land on the first page for keywords related to your business?  Start with a great site, good-looking and with a compelling message. But that is the beginning. Google has a complicated processto determine ranking in search engine results.

“Search Engine Optimization” or (SEO) is an excellent way to rank your site higher than others.  A  NJ SEO company can help your website be more than just great website. Read this infographic from Landau Consulting to learn how to make sure your website does not go missing.

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