The Biggest Benefits Offered by Penetration Testing

The Biggest Benefits Offered by Penetration Testing

Protecting their investment is a top priority for any business owner. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in penetration testing from time to time. Some of the biggest benefits of testing are listed here.

Find Vulnerabilities

A modern pentest will find any existing weaknesses in an application or system configuration and the network infrastructure. Even the habits or actions of staff that may result in malicious infiltration and data breaches can be researched and evaluated during the penetration testing process.

The report will inform a person about all security vulnerabilities, so a business owner is aware of the hardware or software improvements that are needed. Those conducting penetration testing can also make recommendations for policies that would help to improve the overall security.

Highlight Real Risks

A penetration tester is going to try to exploit any of the vulnerabilities that are identified. What this means is that a business owner can see what a hacker may be able to do in the “real world.”

They may be able to execute operating system commands or access sensitive data. However, the testers may also let a person know that a specific vulnerability that is seemingly a high risk is not really that risky because of the exploitation challenge. Only a specialist will be able to perform the type of analysis needed.

Test the Business’s Cyber-Defense Capability

It is important to detect attacks and respond on time and properly. Once an intrusion is detected, begin investigations, find the intruders, and make sure to block them. This information is going to provide a business owner with information about what actions can be taken to improve defenses.

Ensure Business Continuity

To ensure business operations are always running, it is necessary to have continual network availability, 24/7 communication, and ongoing access to resources. Every disruption will have some type of negative impact on a business. With penetration testing, it is possible to find possible threats and help ensure the operations do not suffer from any type of unexpected downtime or a loss of accessibility. In this respect, the penetration test is similar to a business continuity audit.

Hire a Professional Third-Party for Help

When a problem is identified by someone in the organization, the management may not act or react to it. However, a report provided by a third-party expert may have a bigger impact on the management, and it may result in additional funds being used to help with the issue found.

Finding the Right Professionals for the Penetration Testing

When it comes to conducting a penetration test, finding the right third-party service provider is key. Take some time to research the options to find a service provider that will offer reliable and accurate results that provide business owners and management with the information needed to take steps to safeguard their company and ensure it is protected from specific risks that it may be vulnerable to without the information revealed in the testing process.

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