Solid Reasons To Invest In A Sales Automation Solution

Everybody is fully aware of the benefits brought by automation software products. And when it comes to sales, business owners, sales managers and sales persons noticed that after implementing a sale force automation system inside their businesses, theyregistered an increased profitability by 27, decreased the sales cycle by 18 and registered better results in numerous other areas of their activity as well. When it comes to finding a great sales automation solution, bpm’online seems to be one of the most advantageous ones available on the market, because it features a multitude of smart automation tools.  But below are some solid reasons why everybody should invest in such products, regardless of the amplitude of their activity or dimensions of their business.

An out of the box sales automation solution will save you plenty of time

Sales persons using such software products surely save plenty of time, because the vast majority of the sales processes are automated, and there exists a multitude of templates. These products automate all time-consuming but with enormous importance stepsof the sales process. For instance, appointments, scheduling, meetings, follow-ups can be easily managed by these products. But the time-saving advantages don’t stop here. They also help sales persons quickly generate estimates, as well as turning those into proposals and sales. Moreover, access to order data and development can be done with ease. So, this will lead to happier customers. Because access can be made in such a timely fashion, clients’ satisfaction levels with your company will increase as well.

Improved opportunity management features

Businesses of all kinds are under a lot of pressure, due to the highly competitive environment in which they activate. Thus, during competitive times, identifying with success opportunities and observing rival companies becomes mandatory. Online sales force automation software like those from Nimble and Sugar, will improve a company’s opportunity management capabilities by offering out-of-the-box solutions for diverse processes. Some of the best products of this kind offer the next advantages:

  • They allow competition monitoring. This offers the sales department to adapt their strategies to their competitors’ and they provide the opportunity of always being one step ahead of them.
  • They deliver precious information to the sales person’s devices, information gathered from online queries. This increases the follow-up and chances of lead-to-sales conversion rates.
  • They offer out of the box solutions for sales process automation. For instance, reputable products offer sales initiation, qualification, presentation, proposal development and submission features as well as contracting features, all integrated into the same product. This comes to simplify the entire process, enabling the sales department to work more productively and profitably.

Sales team management features

Sales managers can easily create schedules and manage their teams by using such solutions. They offer instant access to a sales person’s opportunities, activity, sales figures, and customer complaints and so on. They simply equip the sales manager with all the necessary tools to create a more profitable working environment.

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