SEO Reports And Its Importance

Importance of SEO reports

More than ever, these days, it has become really important to communicate not just the right metrics to clients, but also a considerable improvement in the value. Ultimately, the main job of a SEO service provider is to help the clients to increase their businesses while adding to the reputation of these companies as market leaders in the marketplace. And rankings work as a method to meet with this goal, but these are not the metric, which decides conclusive success.

For a while now, website rankings have almost taken a backseat. But still a number of people consider SEO’s touting rankings as the end of all metrics for success, which is not right. There are many other analytics metrics, which need to be considered to decide the actual success of the marketing campaign. And it is possible to find these in the detailed SEO reports.

Importance of SEO reports:

One of the highly effective reporting approaches is basically the overall approach, which looks at all the analytics metrics. Actually there are fluctuations in various metrics, which can deliver a completely different meaning to some other metrics. For instance, high rankings are capable of delivering huge amount of traffic, but this can be in the form of bots, which can spam the page.

To find out the difference, it is necessary to check the bounce rate of the page. Low traffic and high rankings can result in low search volume for particular keywords. Or this can even point to the webpage having “404 Error” on the server for a month in case the keyword is of high volume. Or this can even point to low traffic month in case the primary result showed that the keyword to have great search volume. So, there are three various meanings for just a single metric.

High traffic, high ranking and lower bounce rates mean that the traffic is delivering on the quality users, who prefer to check what you are offering. Now let’s have a look at the other metrics mentioned in the SEO reports:

  1. Bounce rate: Bounce rate is another sign of success. In case your traffic is offering a high bounce rate, then your site would be hit by tons of spam bots. Or in some cases, the webpages with high bounce rate fail to target the right people, who stay on these pages for a bit or go through the entire content.
  2. Traffic: Rankings, which drive traffic as the exposure metric is good, but while it fails to deliver in terms of the actual conversions, then this is the place where the results get murky until and unless you add other metrics to decide the reason of low quality traffic.
  3. Average duration of visit: This factor ties into the bounce rate a bit, but also ties the webpage quality, on which the visitor is arriving. So, in case your site has a high average duration of visit, then you can consider your website delivering the quality, which the user is looking for.
  4. PPC Management – This is the pricing strategy that is used mainly for advertising. Pay per click plays an important role in building up the metrics for the SEO reporting.

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