OLED Portable Monitor: Enjoy Entertainment On The Go!

OLED Portable Monitor 

Intehill is a professional portable monitor supplier. We are focused on developing the best portable monitor ever. After years of research and preparation, we have finally developed the world’s thinnest and lightest portable monitor.

Our 4K OLED Portable Monitor is one of a kind. We can assure you haven’t seen or used anything like this before. This is a new and advanced monitor featuring an ultra-thin shape and ultra-light body.

We aim to transform the entertainment world by offering portable monitors to users. Besides, OLED portable monitor, we also specialise in the QLED portable monitor, 144GHZ portable monitor, and 240HZ portable monitor.

OLED Portable Monitor

Our OLED Portable Monitor is one of our finest creations. It is an ultra-thin and ultra-light monitor that is highly portable. Users can carry it in their bags like a tablet. It is designed to provide entertainment on the go.

It is a travel-friendly monitor with exclusive features that you haven’t experienced before. In terms of looks, it features an attractive design that is enough to impress buyers at the first glance. The ultra-thin design is complemented with an ultra-narrow bezel.

Our 4K OLED Portable Monitor is yet to arrive in the market. Users can expect it to be launched on Kickstarter. Interested people are recommended to subscribe to get early bird prices.


OLED Portable Monitor comes with amazing features that are sure to blow everyone’s mind.

  1. Ultra-light body

The monitor weighs just 700g. This is the lightest monitor in the world. It is designed to be highly portable, so users can carry it wherever they go.

  1. Ultra-narrow bezel

The bezel width of the monitor is just 5mm. The ultra-narrow bezel design contributes to the stylish looks of the monitor.

  1. Ultra-thin shape

The monitor is just 3.5mm thick which makes it the thinnest monitor in the world.

  1. Ultra-high-definition

It has a resolution of 3840×2160, whereas the PPI is 282. It delivers extremely sharp and vibrant images to enhance the viewing experience.

  1. Ultra-vibrant colour

The colour gamut of the monitor is NTSC 113%, while the colour depth is 10 bit. This allows users to notice every colour detail on the screen.

OLED Portable Monitor is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind product from Intehill. This 15.6-inch portable monitor is everything that you have ever wanted. This stunning monitor is the result of our hard work and passion for making innovative portable monitors.

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