How to Remove Junk Files from Your Computer

How to Remove Junk Files from Your Computer

Many people don’t know that their computer system can perform slowly due to non-removing junk files from it. Every time we use a computer it makes many unknown files without our knowledge. Even it generates automatically when we are moving some files from one drive to another. There can be system log files too. To keep our computer clean & for its smooth performance we need to remove unnecessary files from it. You can also visit computergarage.org for computer-related help & tips. Let’s see here how we can remove those junk files without taking the help of any special software.

First of all keep your recycle bin clean if you do not want to get back your deleted files, delete it from your recycle bin too.

Delete Temp Files:

Open a “RUN” window of your computer. That can be opened by using “Window Key+ r” buttons. Either we can also open it from Opening ‘Start Menu’ and from typing RUN into ‘Search bar’ also. After opening the RUN window, Type %temp% into it and then press Enter. Now all the files in this opened window are temporary files, you should remove it without any hesitation.

Clean From Drives:

In the start menu, you can also see a programme named “Disk Cleanup”. Just open that disk cleanup, There it will show a different list of our computer drives. Select one of them and press enter or Ok. Now that programme will scan for System memory dump files from the drive you selected. It will show in just a few seconds the category wise list like ‘Temporary Internet Files’, ‘Recycle Bin’, ‘Thumbnails’, ‘windows error reporting files’ and with given checkbox in front of each of them. You must select all the checkboxes and then press the Ok button. The programme will permanently delete all these junk files from your computer. Follow this procedure for all other drives one by one.

Keep Web History Clear:

Every time after using a web browser, we must clear all its history, cached data, and cookies from the browser settings. In most browsers clear history data mode there will be given some options like delete all these files created in Last Hour or Last 24 hours, Last Week or Past 4 weeks and all time. We should select ‘All-time’ or ‘from the beginning’ as it shows in our browser history and should do clear data every time we use the browser.

These are the very easy processes I have described here. It can also save you from online data theft. And by clearing these unnecessary files in some time of intervals can increase the performance of your computer and also protects it from getting hang.

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