Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy and Safe Usage

Chat Applications Encryption

As the world revolves around modern technology today, it is convenient for people to communicate with their friends and loved ones despite the distance gap. Not to mention the present situation of the world today – a pandemic – the contribution of digitalization is impactful for better and more convenient communication to people globally.

However, advanced technology does not only give advantages to people. There are also disadvantages facing against the good side of it. The digital age introduces mobile applications that serve as a convenient way of communicating with people from afar. These applications do phone calls, video calls, and text messaging. Mobile apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp may have similarities for a better way of communication – they differ in some features about privacy, encryption, and safe usage.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most common mobile apps that people use nowadays. With features like video calls, phone calls, and text messages, it is convenient to use Facebook Messenger to connect with your friends and family. However, this mobile app does not have end-to-end encryption by default. Facebook can still view private conversations that might leak to the public. You may need to turn on the secret conversation manually so Facebook can’t view it.


Unlike Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption feature that protects the users’ private conversations. This encryption feature encrypts messages in sending and decrypts them on the receiver’s device. The conversation remains confidential between the sender and the recipient; that makes WhatsApp an advantageous and safer-to-use mobile app.

Aside from daily usage, WhatsApp is a recommendable mobile app for business companies to communicate with their clients. With its other feature – the WhatsApp call recording – employees and clients can have recorded phone conversations as part of the compliance mandated by the law.  It is the best practice for employees to handle confidential information to secure clients’ information.

Therefore, it is better to check the best mobile app to install to prevent leaking confidential information to the public. It is a must to protect private conversations and apply the importance of privacy even when using a mobile app. It would be better to check the mobile applications first before installing them to avoid causing problems in the future.

Please refer to this infographic by TeleMessage for more information.


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