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  • Cryptocurrency News


    List of Cryptocurrency News Websites

    From the end of 2020, we are hearing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. There is an increasing number of people who want to invest in cryptocurrency. All the information related to cryptocurrency and about the process on which cryptocurrency works termed Blockchain technology is gained through different crypto news websites. There are many websites that are […]

  • network cabling


    What are the different types of network cabling?

    There are a lot of different types of network cabling in use today. For example, there are Ethernet cables that are being used to connect networks in business and homes. There are also coaxial cables that are laid in the middle of networks for a more professional look. In addition, there are fiber optic cables […]

  • QR Codes


    Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using QR Codes

    As many of you may think, QR codes are not something new. They have existed since 1994. They are convenient and affordable. Using QR codes, you can easily drive people with smartphones to an online offer, website, and YouTube video. QR codes are just like barcodes. They have a certain pattern made of black squares on a […]

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    7 Myths about a Website for Your Small Business

    “If everyone else jumped into a lake, would you jump into a lake too?” is a question that most parents will ask their children as a way to teach about peer pressure. A variant of this question can be asked in the context of a company website too; “If every other business like yours has […]

  • The Biggest Benefits Offered by Penetration Testing


    The Biggest Benefits Offered by Penetration Testing

    Protecting their investment is a top priority for any business owner. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in penetration testing from time to time. Some of the biggest benefits of testing are listed here. Find Vulnerabilities A modern pentest will find any existing weaknesses in an application or system configuration […]

  • Will Colocation Work For Your Business


    Will Colocation Work For Your Business?

    In today’s time and date, almost every business makes the most out of technology, irrespective of how small or huge it is. The benefits that technology delivers to businesses are more than we can count or be grateful for! Also, with tons of hosting options and software out there, we also get a bit overwhelmed […]

  • Web hosting company in Malaysia


    Best and Affordable Web hosting company in Malaysia – MilesWeb

    There are many domain and web hosting providers in Malaysia that rent web spaces and servers. Among those that are big giants like Bluehost, Shinjuru and MilesWeb and many other companies. But you must have got a clear idea about how the online business is growing in today’s world. We reviewed numerous hosting companies and […]

  • Strategy for Your Startup


    Why You Should Have an Organizational Strategy for Your Startup

    Putting together your startup has already probably been a lot of work. You’ve had to deal with a number of different challenges leading up to now. Once you have your business up and running, you also have to look at how you are planning on growing and what the expectations are for potential business deals. […]

  • bitcoin hosted server


    What to look for while choosing the best bitcoin hosting server

    It is impossible for a shoe to fit everyone. Of course, everyone is in a different solution and looking for ways to get the bitcoin. Thanks to technology, bitcoin is the best thing that has happened to us. A huge number of people are choosing the bitcoin hosting servers and getting benefited from them. Though, […]

  • urchasing Instagram views


    Know Everything about Buy Instagram views!

    Many people are more visually inclined and they would rather wish to tell their story through videos and pictures and not through the Facebook post that makes Instagram more popular nowadays. In addition, picture is really worth a thousand words and everyone can easily consume Instagram photos than to read long texts like other social […]