Can Algorithms Define the Self or What A Being Is?

Algorithms Define

In the mathematics world as well as the world of computer science, the algorithm is a set of instructions that usually solves some type of problems or achieve a computation. Algorithms are unambiguous conditions for executing calculation, data processing, automated reasoning as well as other tasks.

A method that is effective

A method that is effective, algorithms can be articulated within a finite amount of time and space and is a precise formal language for calculating some function. Beginning from a preliminary state with initial input (perhaps empty), the commands designate a computation that, when begins proceeds using a restricted number of well-defined format language. Eventually, this produces “output” and ends at a final state. The evolution from one state to the next is not essentially deterministic; some algorithms referred to as “randomized algorithms”, incorporates input that is random.

The concept existed for centuries

This idea of the algorithm has been known for centuries. Mathematicians in ancient Greek in the time of Eratosthenes developed algorithms for finding prime numbers and Euclidean developed an algorithm for finding the highest common divisor of two numbers.

Everything now

Everything on our internet works because of algorithms and any searching online is done using them. Emails that get to your mailbox know where to find you all because of algorithms. Apps on Smartphones are nothing but a bunch of algorithms and the self. Video games and computer are just “algorithmic storytelling”. Online book reviews, online dating as well as travel websites wouldn’t function if it wasn’t for algorithms. GPS systems for mapping can get anyone from one point to another point by algorithms. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all algorithms.

New discussion of being

So how can algorithms be able to identify the “self”? After all, each of us is defined with a series of numbers. Can these numbers be used in an algorithm to describe what the “self” is? Is it time to have a discussion on what a “being” is? This is what Mark Jarzombek argues is his above-mentioned book.

From the beginning

In the beginning, the self was so simple, it was just male or female, but now we have added so many numbers that the “self” has become what – and what is a “being” now?

This is more of the history and theory of data!

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