Best Virtual Team Building Games To Keep Your Team Engaged

virtual team building

With the wake of the pandemic, many companies have shifted to remote working. This has reduced interaction between team members and employees.

To build a strong team, the members need to have meaningful interactions. This is what helps to build trust and strengthen relationships.

But creating such a bond is difficult when your team members haven’t interacted with each other in a while. This is where the need for virtual team building games and activities come in.

Virtual team building activities helps you to keep your team engaged even when while working remotely. In other words, it helps you to keep the team spirit alive.

Below are some of the best online team building games for your remote team:

  1. The aliens have landed

This game is perfect for teams with cultural and language differences. In this game, you ask the employees to imagine that aliens have come to the earth and want to know about their company. Since aliens cannot speak English, the employees are required to explain to them about the company using just five pictures or symbols.

Ask your employees to draw five symbols or images to describe the company and its products. The person with the best pictures wins the game.

  1. Two truths and a lie

This is another interesting game to play with your remote team. Each member is required to make three statements about them. Out of the three statements, two of them are true and one is a lie.

Other employees except the one making the statement has to guess which one is a lie. Take turns, so everyone can make three statements about themselves. This is a good way of knowing your team members and their qualities.

  1. 10 common things

This is a very simple game where you divide your team into groups. Now ask all the teams to come up with 10 things that they have in common. To make the game more interesting, you can even decide on a specific theme or topic.

Regardless of the answers, it is a fun game to play. It will generate conversations and create a bond between the members. At the same time, they will also find out the things they have in common among each other.

Virtual team building activities and games is all about creativity. The more entertaining the game, the more your remote team members will enjoy.

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