Content writing has taken root in the world and these are some of the best content writing sites that you should know about.


This is a content writing site that primarily deals with providing information to the consumers who need services that relate to home improvements. The target audience is usually Canadians and Americans homeowners. The content of the articles needs to be accurate, educative and enlightening. The articles need to be within 900-2000 words and the pay is always made at the end of the month depending on the number of words one was able to deliver in a month.


This is a site that provides content that relates to technology. The articles need to be about technology guides, procedures on how to do things and tips on how to handle technological problems. If you are a blogger with vast knowledge on technology, this is your site. As a writer, you will be required to provide a maximum of four articles a week. The payment is made on a monthly basis and it depends on the number of articles written.


Contentmart is a very lucrative site. The content of the site includes all kinds of content write-ups. The traffic to this site is amazing and this attracts great pay for the articles that get published. The site always lists the content writing jobs available and therefore, it is important to stay updated before applying for a vacancy.


This site accepts content from a wide range of categories or niches. All their writers are assigned jobs and the different fields to write about. It could be product reviewing, education, health, lifestyle, entertainment, entrepreneurship, traveling and many others. Their pay always attractive and it depends on a number of things. Refer to their website for more details.


This is a site that primarily provides content aimed at providing adult education.  As a source of education for adults, research is vital in order to provide information that will change lives. The content can only be related to by adults and it is always enlightening, educative, and inspiring. The pay is always fixed at $50 regardless of the number of words.  As long as it has all the qualifications and is accepted, you will get your pay.


This is a site that accepts articles of different contents.  The topic does not really matter as long as the content is relevant, enlightening, catchy, and inspiring. As long as it gets accepted, you stand to be paid $0.10 for a word meaning that 1000 word article earns you $100. The payments are made via a cheque.


This is a website that primarily focuses on articles talking about careers. There are specific subjects to be handled like career, at work, tech, success, lifestyle, graduates, just to mention a few. Every article that gets accepted for publishing will attract a pay of $20. Therefore, your earnings will depend on the number of articles accepted.

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