Basic Tips to Select a Dedicated Server

Basic Tips to Select a Dedicated Server

In this digital world, if you want to run either a small business or a big one, you need to make websites or applications of your business to connect and to increase numbers of your customers. It is highly recommended to take help of dedicated server providing company by which our applications or websites can run smoothly. These days it is also demanded due to increase in Work from Home facility needs to be accepted. Let’s talk about how to select Dedicated Servers India.

The hardware of Server: A good company normally offers a minimum 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 4TB hard disk storage capacity and at least 3.0 GHz turbo processor, 100 Mbps Port Speed. These are the basic requirements. And it can be varied on our need and the leasing cost of it.

Have Complete Control: Select a company which can provide you with a flexible server configuration. You should have access to root. Includes powerful control panel that can be accessible by us. The company must give you facilities that can work on different operating systems like Windows or Linux.

Hosting Support: Company which can offer you 24*7, 365 days help support can be considered first. They must provide an expert team of hosting service. Company may offers you fully managed support and maintain your server but, the care of software updates & security patching must be handled by them. The server monitoring & troubleshooting must be followed on time by them.

Security of Data: Our websites or applications data are needed to be secured as there are many hackers & cheaters are awaiting an opportunity. Many companies offer “RAID” which means saving of data on multiple hard disks and link them to the operating system as one entity. This helps us in the time if one hard disk got to fail and from this facility, the reading capacity of server increases and our data will also be saved in the event of a disk failure and it protects our websites and applications from crashing.

Real-time malware scan needs to be performed and website optimization is welcomed. Spam data must get deleted through Dedicated Servers support Team.

Overall, we can go for the company which offers a free set up and can fulfil all the above criteria with high priority support to us. Our websites must be given speed guarantee by them as the loading of pages can make website visitors away from us. We all know, no one would like to wait for more than a few seconds for data to be load.

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