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    Sunil Paul And His New Company, Spring Free EV

    Sunil Paul is an internet entrepreneur born on 12th November 1964 in Punjab, India. He has founded many companies such as Freeloader, and Brightmail. He was also the CEO and co-founder of Sidecar, which is an on-demand P2P taxi service that has its operations based in San Francisco. In 2021 he launched a fintech company that […]

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    What You Need To Know About SEO And SEM

    If you need to gain visibility in today’s world, the easiest way is to utilize the internet. Similarly, business strategies have changed over time. Now, marketing is not only limited to television or radio. Experts have used the internet to spread the name of their business to every consumer’s hand. Hence, to do effective digital […]

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    What Is Film Distribution?

    Moviemakers plan, write, compete, crowd-fund, shoot proofs of concepts, generate business plans, design decks, and pitch to make a movie for the public. The distributors are frequently the critical decision-makers in the relationship between filmmakers and audiences. Large studios and streaming services have control over film distribution. Still, many smaller companies are doing the same […]

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    Best Virtual Team Building Games To Keep Your Team Engaged

    With the wake of the pandemic, many companies have shifted to remote working. This has reduced interaction between team members and employees. To build a strong team, the members need to have meaningful interactions. This is what helps to build trust and strengthen relationships. But creating such a bond is difficult when your team members […]

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    5 Reasons Why You Must Run Email Marketing Campaigns

    Are you running a small business? Rest assured email has been still the best way to communicate with customers and allure more to your website. A plethora of people around the world uses email. The estimated numbers would grow decently in the coming time. The increasing success of developing technologies and social media channels had […]

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    Data Breach: Its Smallest to Biggest Consequences

    Adopting technology, either equipment or software, for your business can improve the efficiency and productivity of the employees. It lessens loads of tasks to be done while ensuring high-quality outputs. Establishing good communication is among the business aspects that need a technological boost. As cliché as it is, communication is key for success. No entrepreneurial […]

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    Cloud Supports and the Perfect Security System

    Nothing more than a collection of data, information, and services that is constantly available from any device in any location. This is possible as long as you have a connection to the Internet. It can be described as “cloud computing.” The cloud desktop service is now quite popular. Instead of the logic of acquisition, this […]

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    A Brief History of Biometric Technology

    Effective online identity verification is paramount to ensure that enterprises interact only with legitimate users. Various organizations implement different identity verification technologies, but these methods are not equal in protecting against digital threats. Some require a username and password combination before granting access to an online account. This method is among the oldest and widely used in […]

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    What is SSL/TLS and HTTPS?

    Digital and website security is a top priority of most e-commerce businesses. For this reason, web hosting providers provide several security measures and features to protect a website from cyber-attacks and online threats. These measures include firewalls, SSL certificates, such as the popular Comodo SSL certificates, and more. Today, we shall see what SSL, TLS, […]

  • Chat Applications Encryption


    Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy and Safe Usage

    As the world revolves around modern technology today, it is convenient for people to communicate with their friends and loved ones despite the distance gap. Not to mention the present situation of the world today – a pandemic – the contribution of digitalization is impactful for better and more convenient communication to people globally. However, […]