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    Different Types of Stock Market Trading

    Day traders are more active than other traders, and as the title suggests, they spend all day either buying or selling shares of stock. They can’t even afford to pay attention to market, international, or company news since they can simply watch stock prices on their computer screen. However, this doesn’t mean that day traders […]

  • network cabling


    What are the different types of network cabling?

    There are a lot of different types of network cabling in use today. For example, there are Ethernet cables that are being used to connect networks in business and homes. There are also coaxial cables that are laid in the middle of networks for a more professional look. In addition, there are fiber optic cables […]

  • buy bitcoins with paypal


    Best Bitcoin Exchanges For Buying Bitcoin

    Whenever we talk about cryptocurrencies, the first name that pops into our minds is Bitcoin. After all, it’s one of the most popular and successful cryptocurrencies in the world. Bitcoin is so popular that it has become synonymous with the term cryptocurrency. Investors and traders all around the world use bitcoins for business transactions and […]

  • PPC company


    Is it beneficial to hire a suitable PPC company in Delhi

    A digital marketing strategy that has become increasingly relevant over the past decade is PPC (or Pay-per-Click) advertising. The benefits of PPC are overlooked by many business owners, and they miss out on a significant opportunity to expand their business. Search engines like Google, Bing, or Microsoft allow you to display your advertising as a […]

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    Advantages of Renting Laptops for students

    The evolving technology with its new upgrades every now and then, has made Laptops a crucial part of our lives. This pandemic has definitely changed our mindset about gadgets and it’s uses. Sitting in an office or in a classroom, one never thought how insignificant person to person chat might become in coming time. Students […]

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    The Many Ways of ‘Painting’ Carbon Fiber Parts

    Google the phrase ‘how to paint carbon fiber’ and you will get an interesting set of results. For example, plenty of people have produced posts detailing how you can use spray paint to achieve the carbon fiber look without actually investing in carbon fiber. There aren’t a whole lot of articles on how to apply […]

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    Can you install live streaming to your app using an Android RTMP?

    For anyone developing an app at the moment, you can have a pretty dizzying amount of options to consider. We know that it can be tough to choose the right features for any modern app. You might want to try and include as many social-friendly options as you can, though. Purely because today we need […]

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    The Case Of The Missing Website

    Phone books were the Google for previous generations, white pages for residential phone listings and yellow pages for business listings.  If there were two companies in the same town providing the same service and one had a yellow page ad and the other did not, the company with a yellow page ad would almost always […]

  • QR Codes


    Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using QR Codes

    As many of you may think, QR codes are not something new. They have existed since 1994. They are convenient and affordable. Using QR codes, you can easily drive people with smartphones to an online offer, website, and YouTube video. QR codes are just like barcodes. They have a certain pattern made of black squares on a […]

  • WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities


    Most Common WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

    Users love to use WordPress plugins because they come with loads of features. They are amazing in terms of functionality and enhancement they provide to your WordPress website. There is a plugin for every task you want to perform on your WordPress site. However, these plugins also have a downside. Just like any other software […]