Attributes of right time and attendance tracking systems

The evaluation of size of man power is vital before choosing the type of software that is to be implied. It also requires assessing the work force structure of the company, if the employees of the company work from their cabins in office or from home online or offline, and the availability of the internet access if most of the employees are working from home, it should be made sure that the tracking system can be used with and without internet. If the work requires people to work from remote areas where the connectivity is poor then the system should be able keep track of even such work. If the organization is into marketing and sales with most its workers being sales people then a totally different time tracking system should be chosen. Discover More Here.

Price of the system

The price that an organization is willing to pay for the system or it can spend to maintain the system should also be taken into consideration for choosing the right type of software, frequency of updating, and the costs of maintenance and how soon they are going to go out of date should be evaluated.

If it’s a small scale business unit with a small size work force then spending too much money on the time tracking system would be not feasible and if it’s a large scale organization then it becomes mandatory to go for higher quality software rather than thinking of saving money on it by selecting cheaper systems, as monitoring of large scale work force needs highly efficient tracking system.

Simplicity in usage

The system should be simple and easy to use without any complications and sophistications. The operating of the software should be done without any extra efforts by the employees, they must be able to understand completely how to use it properly and it should be synced well with other systems of the organization. Employees of company from the entry level to the managerial level must be able to comprehend how it works; they should be taught to use it properly. Discover More Here.

Employee’s inability to comprehend and use the system properly shouldn’t affect their performance evaluation, an employee may have actually spent more hours but if they don’t understand the complexity of the system their data could be misreported resulting in wrong assessment. It should be run without any hiccups in the organization, i.e. without crashing or hanging up which may result in annoyance if employees if repeated constantly and the huge data can be lost because of this. It becomes difficult to assess which employee has put how many hours and payment of salaries becomes difficult if they are paid on hourly basis.

The attributes of a right system is that it improves the efficiency of employees, encourages the employees and managers to perform well, results in cost reduction and elimination of wastages and improves overall profits of the company by optimizing utilization of available work force and connecting all the employees by transmitting information amongst various departments.

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