A Few Useful Ways To Increase Your Feature Adoption Rate

feature adoption software

If you are an app owner, you need to constantly update your app with innovative features to keep your users engaged, delighted, and engaged. The development and launch of new features require a lot of engineering and marketing. But all of that would go to waste if you don’t use a feature adoption software to get maximum adoption rate.

Here, we will discuss a few ways with which you can increase your feature adoption rate:

  • Measure: Identify your least and most adopted features and measure if they are performing as per your expectations. Access the feature’s usage and see if there are any particular times your users are using them the most. This kind of measurement will help in assessing data and benchmarking with accuracy. With accurate measurements and benchmarks, you may continue building your feature strategy. 
  • Monitor: Evaluate the list of features in your app at regular intervals of time. If some of your features are not being used by the users at all, then try to find out the reasons for that. Are there technical errors that need to be resolved? Remember that the least used features will only be a burden on your app, you will need to spend costs on maintaining them, and they will not generate any valuable revenue for you. So, monitor their usage and prioritize other features popular among your users. 
  • Set goals: If you are planning for a new feature launch, first of all, set clear goals to measure its success. Also, identify any existing features that can generate more value with some improvements. However, make sure that your goals are achievable and easy to track too. 
  • Strategize feature adoption: To increase a feature’s adoption rate, monitor its usage behavior, and identify your users who use it the most. Also, find out how your users are using this feature as compared to other app features. If it is hidden somewhere in the app, you need to launch an in-app guide to make your users aware of it. You may ask for feedback from your users, and identify any areas of improvement.

Before launching a new feature in your app, evaluate the features already existing in it, and use this data to dig the best response from your new launch. The feature adoption software from Apxor will help in maximizing your feature adoption rate at its best.

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