A Comparison of Public and Private Cloud

Expand your business online and enjoy a load of traffic as you make it to the prospective audience. It is necessary for your business to be prepared to handle this huge traffic and cater to the customers. That is why we need the hosting services which enable us to reduce website down timing while assuring security. Now a hosting service offers options like private and public cloud. Businesses need to choose what they want depending on their need.

A public cloud is rented out to several clients while a private cloud is completely owned by a single client. No doubt private cloud assures better security, storage, and services. But this option is costlier than public cloud. WeHaveServers.com offers both according to the need of the clients.

Comparison: Public Cloud VS Private Cloud


When you buy a public cloud, your network is shared by others and hosted off-site. It is managed by the hosting service provider. At the same time, private cloud is a single tenant system where the hardware and network is dedicated for only one client. It is managed by the in-house technical team.

Support and maintenance:

The technical team of the hosting service provider also provides the support and maintenance service. In case of a Private cloud, maintenance and support is the sole responsibility of the in-house technical team of the business.


Public clouds come with basic security compliance while the isolated network environment of the Private Cloud offers enhances data protection.


A shared cloud is an affordable option for small and medium businesses which can use the resources elsewhere to expand the business. Private cloud asks for huge costs for staff resources and implementation of software and hardware. Small and medium businesses might find the cost of private cloud to be costly while established businesses can easily afford it.

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