5 Things to Know About the Future of Africa

Africa is a very large continent and according to the Africa Tech News, it is growing rapidly in IT sectors. But with such a huge population the food consumption becomes more. As a result, the production of foods, necessary things of daily life need to be well-maintained. Otherwise, once the resources come to an end, it will be very unfortunate to cope up. So, the greatest businessmen have assessed the future of Africa.

Top 5 Africa Tech News Based on the African People, Insufficiency, Agriculture & Workforce

1.      Population

As already mentioned above, the birth rate is more now than it was in the past. So, soon, the ratio between Africans and other people in the world will change from 1:6 to 1:5. It means that where now, among 6 people in the world there is one African, it will be changed into one African among 5 people. It also brings worry to agriculture.

2.      Insufficiency

Due to the shocking population, the continent already comes under the risk zone where it is unable to provide food to everyone. In the future, they may become unwanted victims of drought, insufficiency in financial and economic fields, and lack of business. The rise in poverty will lead to a decrease in selling and purchasing.

3.      Agriculture

Most of the African people earn their livelihoods only based on agriculture. So, due to an excessive rise in population the agriculture will be lacking to fulfill the demand. Therefore, a vulnerable agricultural loss will hamper productivity.

4.      Rapid Growing of Workforce

Well, the more the population, the more the work placements need to be done. Assumptions say that Africa has the potential to take over the big names of economic countries for contributing to the world economy. But perhaps, not everyone will be able to get a job due to a lack of placements. It is because Africa is more dependent on natural resources and cultivation. So professional jobs are too little to be given to most people.

5.      The Rise in Middle Class

A rise in middle-class people is good for any continent. But what remains problematic is the disbalance in economic structure. Due to the overconsumption of food and lack of agricultural workers shortly, there are high chances of an environmental crisis.

So, the Africa Tech News says that the future does not seem to be good enough if not they create any back-ups or alternatives as soon as possible.

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