5 Electric Skateboard best Tips to Beginner

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Electric skateboards have grown in popularity, exponentially, I feel like no matter what city you’re in you’ve probably either seen a guy zipping down the street or even a huge group of writers just bombing down the city streets or maybe you’ve just seen my articles and that inspired you to get aboard, regardless you have your board now for a lot of people who purchase electric skateboards it’s their first time getting into the world of skateboarding, so to help you guys out who are new to this thing we’re going to go over ten crucial tips that every beginner electric skateboard rider should know and even if you’re not a beginner stick around because you might learn a thing or two or ten number one helmet, the first tip is helmet I’ll get you out of this thing, it’s pretty self-explanatory but as a beginner rider, you should most definitely be wearing protective gear like a helmet, I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys, every once in awhile and especially when I first started riding I did not wear a helmet nowadays, though I feel kind of naked without this beautiful brain bucket protecting my awesome ideas, thankfully, I’ve never taken a heart.

Spill on the asphalt and hopefully I never do, but in the event, it does happen, I’ll be happy that I’m wearing one of these and I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving this big brain on the concrete gross as a beginner, you also may want to consider getting elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, most of the time people without skate experience, don’t know how to fall without minimizing damage you’ll tend to try and catch themselves on their hands or on their elbows on their knees and that’s just not a good idea and that could actually just lead to even worse injuries, but even if you do know how to correctly fall it won’t prevent you from the outside circumstances that you just can’t control earlier, today I got this comment from a guy who was unfortunately hit by a truck, no matter how good of a skater, you are the rest of the world is still out to get you plus being padded up just gives you more confidence and with that you’re able to push yourself harder on your board go faster go farther ride more intense, if you need protective gear, I’ll leave, some recommendations down in the description of this article number two get comfortable, while it is possible to hop on a boat.

Her eyes bored without any skate experience, trust me, it is way easier and way more beneficial to have at least a little bit of skate knowledge under your belt being able to ride a normal skateboard or long board or even your electric board without power can go a long way learning the fundamentals like pushing carving and foot braking transfers beautifully into the world of electric skating when you master these your board will feel like an extension of your body and you have so much more control allowing you to move way more comfortably and it’ll just overall make you a better skater to kick push you want to put some weight on your front foot, take your back foot off and use it to push off the ground moving you forward after a couple of pushes you can put your back foot back on and just roll the key to this is weight distribution between your feet and the more you do it the better you’ll get it’s also just good to know how to do this because on an electric skateboard kick pushing before you start the throttle is actually a good way to save on battery power during a ride.

Since you’re not out putting as much power when you start you can actually get more range out of your batteries carving on board is a good way to keep your speed in check and it’s just so much dang fun to carve your gonna want to bend your knees and shift your weight side to side while moving to carve left you lean back and onto your heels so that your board starts to turn return the center and then lean forward onto your toes so that you can carve right and then rinse and repeat carb city baby after some practice you’ll be able to do nice wide turns which is a great way to descend in speed and you’ll be able to do faster tighter carves which is sort of like a low e sur fi type five and I dig those foot braking is a must learn skill in all types of skating especially with these electric skateboards because with technology you never know what could happen your brakes could fail out of nowhere and to avoid a crash, you’re gonna need to know how to stop foot braking is the easiest way to start your gonna put your back foot out to the side and line with your front foot aim to touch the ground and slowly apply pressure until you come.

A complete stop, the harder you press onto the ground, the faster you’ll break, just be mindful of where your back foot is because you don’t want it to drift so far back that it hits your back wheel as a beginner, these are things you must know how to do so just keep practicing them so that you can get comfortable on your board before we continue on to the next tip I just want to give a big thanks to ex way for sponsoring this article, they recently came out with a new X one Pro electric skateboard, that’s sleek stealthy and speedy I managed to hit a top speed of 30.4 mph on it making it one of the fastest electric skateboards I’ve ever written, but if going fastest in your style, it’s super customizable to fit however you want to ride the board I gushed over in my review and I just have a ton of fun riding this thing, I’m so stoked that they’re supporting this channel big thanks to them, if you want to find out more about it, go and click on the link in the description number three is to find a good practice, when first starting out you don’t want to take your board out onto the streets with their cars, pedestrians and who knows what you want to find a good practice spot, the learner I personally think that one of the best places to learn.

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