4 Mistakes You Might Be Committing While Hunting for a Job in Digital Industry

Well in today’s era, with the increasing population, unemployment has also drastically increased. But still, with the right iti govt jobs searching strategy, you can find appropriate vacancies, but you just have to be smart and fast enough to grab the opportunity.

Jobs in SEO Careers are there in plenty but before you start your job search, these are 4 common mistakes that you ought to avoid:

  1. Not Maintaining Social Media Profiles Well

These days, one thing that has now become a criterion for job selection is your social media profile, especially when it comes to the digital marketing industry. Most of the people are totally unaware that before employing a person in today’s era first of all his social profiles are checked. And a number of applications are now rejected because of poor online social profiles or irrelevant content on their social media. So, just make sure that there is no irrelevant or negative content on your social media profiles. And if possible, try to make use of social media profiles by getting in touch with relevant people in your profession and start building links. After all, if you fail to even do this, how would a digital marketing agency even think of hiring you to do the same for their clients at the first place.

  1. Not Writing Proper Resumes with Proper Skills Defined

Whenever you are going to attend an interview, just make sure to brush up your communication skills. Remember that HR managers take a deep interest in your resume and skills and want to confirm whether you are qualified for the job or not. There are many online resume makers and templates, which might help you in preparing a strong resume. If you are not writing proper resume with properly defined skills, it’s the biggest mistake you would be doing.

Ensure that you include list of SEO tools you’ve worked with, and add relevant stuff, which will add weightage to your CV, instead of the generic stuff.

  1. Underestimating Your Worth

Even during the toughest times, you should never accept a job, which does not match your resume or which is paying low for your skills. The only way to make sure a job offer is fair is to know how much your skills and experience are worth. You can also have an idea of how much salary you should ask for in a new job by simply searching online sites. Always aim for higher salary and never settle for something low.

  1. Highlighting Your Achievements

Unlike a typical programmer, an SEO analyst can easily boast of results achieved in past, and that’s certainly one thing you should never miss out on, while applying for a job in digital industry.

Ensure that you stay away from committing these mistakes while looking for a SEO job.

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