11 Tips On How To Choose The Best Two Way Radios For Your Construction Business

11 Tips On How To Choose The Best Two Way Radios For Your Construction Business

Two-way radios are essential in construction. It is necessary for proper communication, making work and processes convenient and less time-consuming. Because of this, there are several two-way radios available in the market. So how do you know which two-way radios for rent should you choose for your business? There are many factors to consider which ones to choose:

  1. Consider where you will use it. When choosing two-way radios for your construction, it is imperative that you consider the specific industry you will be using it in. For instance, will you be using it for indoor construction or outdoor construction? Will you use it in areas where there are dead or black signal spots?
  2. Consider who will use it. Is it a whole team of people or is just the managers and supervisors? Make sure to use one that fits your needs—and, at the same time, one that can be expanded.
  3. Know the different types of radios. There handheld portable radios (the “walkie talkie), the vehicle-mounted radio, the repeater radio. Which one do you need for the job?
  4. Analog or digital? Each has their distinct uses and advantages and they depend on what you will use them for.
  5. It has to be tough. Not all industries require heavy-duty two-way radios for rent. But at the very least, it has to be waterproof and dust resistant, as well as survive scratches and drops.
  6. Consider communication coverage. Ideally, the radios you use will allow you to communicate in sites covering a huge distance. But this would depend on what you need. Are you doing construction in a wide area covering areas with no structural obstacles to hinder radio signals? Or are you going to use it in a 30-storey building? There are specific two-way radios to address very specific needs.
  7. Check the battery life. Naturally, you need two-way radios with long battery life. Most are built to last throughout an eight-hour shift but consider other options if you need radios with longer battery life.
  8. Consider how many people will use it. The scale of it use—specifically how many workers and employees will use the radio system—is a very important consideration when choosing a two way radio. Not all radios are built for wide-scale use while some are built specifically for it.
  9. Check what kind of site it is. A small job site is one that has fewer than 15 employees; a large job site has around 100 employees. Take note of this and the actual size of your site, as you may only have a handful of employees, for instance, in a site that spans acres.
  10. Check the emergency functions. It’s important for your two-way radio to have emergency-related functions to keep the workers safe and secure.
  11. Consider the functions you deem important. Once you know which functions are necessary for you, focus on them when you get two-way radios for rent. Is it battery life? The emergency function? Is it being heavy-duty? Is it a combination of a couple of functions. Know the job site and the specifics of the work well to know which radio you need.

At Tidewater Communications, we have two way radios for rent so you will have the right equipment to better operate your business. Contact us for details!

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